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Weird and pointless casinos around the world, Who would not love to go a live casino where a person can go very easily and get all the facilities he desire. There are numerous casinos around the world which are truly exemplary because of their facilities and locations. They are truly admired because they have a good location where anyone can come easily and have a good time.

There are also many casinos which are in the top 10 list of casinos worldwide because they offer all kinds of different table games, spa, salon and also gorgeous hotels built within them for anyone to enjoy but on the other hand there are some casinos which are listed to be the weirdest and pointless casinos. It is said so due to different reasons. But the main thing is that the people who visit them are quite unhappy and do not seem to be satisfied with the experience they had there.

Weird and pointless casinos around the world

Some of the weirdest casinos are mentioned below;

  1. Prairie Knights Casino

It is located in the North Dakota. The building is extremely spectacular if you look out of window from some place near it would look even prettier. It looks gorgeous at night and the staff of this casino is very adorable and kind but the thing that makes it pointless is its location. The main issue is that it is located in the middle barren and deserted grasslands. The people who have been there say that if you land at the nearest airport then you will have to drive about two hours at a speed of 75 miles per hour to reach this casino.

  1. Resort World

It is another beautifully built casino resort which is located in the country of Malaysia and it is built on a mountain cliff which makes it prettier. The casino is capable of all different games that you would expect to. It is truly amazing but it is mostly said that the people who lose in the games of casinos, they opt to jump from the mountain cliff to suicide. This fact reduces all the attraction of the casinos because no one would want to go to some place that would be so filled with desperation where people commit suicide on daily basis. This is the fact due to which this casino, despite of all of its beauty and offerings, is one of the weirdest casinos of the world.

  1. Imperial hotel

Imperial hotel is located in Cripple Creek in Colorado. This place does no really have the very beautiful and worth seeing places and the imperial hotel seems to be one of the reasons. The imperial hotel is not built according to the modern fashion. It is based on the old architecture and old style of decoration which gives the hotel a haunted look. Another problem is that the owner of this hotel had a daughter who was suffering from mental illness and it is said that she still roams around the hotel and this fact makes the hotel creepy. The owner of the hotel also comes to the gaming area to the casino at night after it is closed.

  1. Black Bear Casino

Black bear casino is located in Minnesota. This casino was a part of breaking news because they were able to get their names written in the Guinness book of world record by making a bacon cheese burger which was the largest burger of the world. But the problem is that the reviews around the casino players were that this casino failed to give an outlook of a very successful casino and rather than a casino it felt like more of a burger shop.