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Top casinos of the world are found almost in any country but not all of them are very luxurious and worth mentioning. Though there are many casinos which are not luxurious at all and are built at a very low level. The reason may be that the investors are not there in a good amount and the owners do not have a large amount of money to make those casinos really worthy. But it is quite clear that the people are usually attracted towards the casinos which are highly luxurious and contain each and every type of game.

There are some very high class casinos around the world which are built with expert architecture giving it a very beautiful look and also they contain every game and facility that is the demand of the customer and this makes that casino really expensive as well as one of the top casinos of the world. Some of the most famous and best casinos from around the world are listed below;

Top casinos of the world

  1. The Borgata

It is not only a casino but it is also a hotel and a spa. It is located in the Atlantic City. It is ranked to be the tenth largest casino of the world. This casino also gives an option of online gambling. The people interested for that can go to that website and enjoy online gaming. It has a beautiful building and it is almost sky scraper and looks amazingly stunning at night. The restaurants at the Borgata are great as well.

  1. Lisboa

The casino Lisboa is located in the Portugal. It was inaugurated in the year 2006 and at that time initially it had approximately 700 slot machines which were expandable to 1000. This casino had to face a controversy because of its location. The main reason was that its location is in urban area and it was assumed that it had a very easy access to the younger generation.

  1. MGM Grand

Since Las Vegas is a very popular region for such activities and tourist especially visit Las Vegas for such attractions. So MGM Grand is a lavish casino which is located in Las Vegas. The rooms are beautifully built and these rooms are especially themed. This casino offers facilities such as the facility of Wi-Fi and exercise room is included in the fee of the resort. It is a 4-star hotel.

  1. Sands Macao

One of the most beautiful casinos of the world is the Sands Macao which is located in Macao. The facilities of minibars, marbled washrooms, Wi-Fi and luxurious room services are also available. It also contains pool, buffet restaurants and spa as well.

  1. Tusk Rio

It is a casino resort which is located in South Africa in the city of Klerksdorp. It consists of vibrant colors in the whole resort. The decoration of rooms done with beautiful and attractive colors makes it more attractive for the customers and tourists. It is ranked to be the 5th largest casinos of the world.

  1. Ponte 16 resort

This casino is also located in China in the city of Macau. The famous glove of Michael Jackson was sold to this casino due to which its popularity increased more. This casino offers numerous entertainment programs and a number of different games.

  1. Bellagio

Bellagio is another lavish casino which is located in Las Vegas. It is a 36 story tower and it is also featured with the beautiful dancing fountains that look even more beautiful at night. The beautiful lights on the outside of the casino look very stunning and add to the beauty of this casino.