The best e-games

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The Best E-games which are also known as Trusted e-games have become a very popular trend these days. These games have become an integral part of almost every person, they may do not have enough time to run their errands but somehow they do take out enough time from their busy schedule in order to play these e-games because people these days are quite addicted to these sort of games and find them quite uneasy when they do not play them.

The main reason behind it is that the software developers have launched many games in the past years which belong to different category. They may be racing, fighting, boxing and shooting games and they are popular among all age groups. The children love to play them as well as the teenagers appear to be quite attracted towards them and quite surprisingly the adults love to play these games and love to beat their previous high scores.

The best e-games

The best e-games
The best e-games

Some of the best and most trending games are listed below.

  1. Arkham Asylum

This game is basically made on the basis of the batman comic. This game contains interactive puzzles and it also tells you the story about what the joker has done and what is going to be his next step and it is now all up to the batman to save the city from the conspiracies of joker by fighting the goons and then finally the joker. The weapons of batman, puzzles and fighting all in one makes this game quite entertaining and interesting.

  1. Call Of Duty

Call of duty is a very popular game among the gamers and it does not need a lot of introduction because of its popularity. It is basically a shooting game where the counter terrorists have to fight against the terrorists. This game offers a variety of different arms and ammunition and all of the guns and bombs have different prizes and they work from different techniques. This game is usually played by boys.

  1. Forza Motorsport

The name of the game is self-explanatory which clearly tells that it is a racing game. This game has astonishingly amazing pixels and the cars look really fabulous. The detailing of the cars makes it more prominent among other racing games. It is mostly said that if you are sentenced to lifetime jail but you still get to play Forza motorsport even then it may not seem unfair to you.

  1. Read dead redemption

It is a game which is more like grand theft auto. This games puts in a situation in which the story is that a man has to find his old friends which he had lost when they had run from the FBI. This game contains unforgettable characters which are all different and the suspense is how you perform those missions in order to find his buddies.

  1. Mask of the ninja

In this game the player has to control a ninja who has hidden his identity from the world. The main plot of this game is that the ninja has to save his sensei from the bad guys no matter what comes in his way. Nothing is going to stop him. You may not find the story to be very deep and get lost in to it but the controls and shooting of this game is truly surreal.

  1. Grand theft auto V

Grand theft auto V has recently been launched and there a millions of people who have already played it and loved it. Like the previous games of GTA, this one is also a very exciting game in which you have to perform dangerous missions using ammunition.