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QQ808 Top Casino Online Betting Games Casino Mobile in Malaysia

QQ808 Top Casino Online Betting Games Casino Mobile in Malaysia

QQ808 is a Malaysian site which offers casino games. The existence of QQ808 has been known by many casino players hence it becomes one of the best casino online betting sites in Malaysia. However, it is not only known in Malaysia but for any casino players in different countries. There are many factors which make QQ808 has many loyal members.

QQ808 Top Casino Online Betting Games Casino Mobile in Malaysia

QQ808 Top Casino Online Betting Games Casino Mobile in Malaysia
QQ808 Top Casino Online Betting Games Casino Mobile in Malaysia

Captivating Display of the Site

Whenever casino players try to play casino games by online, they will look for many recommendation of best online casino site. The first thing that catches the players’ attention is obviously the display of the site. If a site successfully captivates players’ heart through its display, the chance of being chosen by the players is higher. That kind of thing works for QQ808. QQ808 has simple yet captivating display. The home page of the site provides much beneficial information for the players such as the provided game, the registration link, even the progressive jackpot, and more. No doubt that many players interested in joining QQ808.


People nowadays prefer to do everything with good accessibility. QQ808 shows this kind of intention by providing two versions of accessibility. This site can be accessed through mobile and personal computer. For the mobile devices, QQ808 runs in Android and ios. Moreover, it works together with different game developers to create the impressive mobile casino games. So, you can access QQ808 through your mobile phone and still keep in touch with your game. However, if you prefer to access it through your personal computer, of course QQ808 offers the same quality of services.

High Quality Casino Game

QQ808 offers many kinds of game with good quality yet the best still goes to casino games. For the casino game itself, QQ808 has several great features including live casino dealers, lowest player house edge and also the special applications for the mobile version. QQ808 successfully offers all the good game casino from the table game and slot games. The table game itself consists of card games, dice games, and even roulette. All the provided games are the most popular casino game for the casino players.

Outstanding Developers

In creating and providing high quality casino games and the other games, QQ808 works along with many outstanding best game developers. Not only creating the games but also giving the best promotions which can attract the players. In total, QQ808 cooperates with more than five providers or developers with different theme and types of game. For the casino games, this casino website offers the game provided by GP Casino, EBET, GD Casino, OG Casino, Allbet Casino, PT Casino, and Royal Casino.

Services on Top

The other factor is the service offered by QQ808. Basically, mostly casino sites have this kind of feature, 24-hour customer services. QQ808 has two services features to help the players get the information about the games or another thing provided by the site. The first service is the live chat for help. You can find the tool for live chat at the bottom right of the site. Since it is 24 hour services, you can get the answer of your questions as soon as possible. The second service is the contact number. This feature may be the difference of this site compared to other casino sites. QQ808 provides contact number so that you can directly call the customer services if you think the live chat does not help you enough. Furthermore, the contact numbers are provided for different country (Indonesia, Thailand, English, China, and Malaysia).

Trusted Payment Method

The good thing about this casino site is that it is supported by many trusted banks. Therefore, it will be easier for the players in doing deposit. QQ808 is supported by Bank Rakyat, UOB, Alliance Bank, Affin Bank, Maybank, CIMB Bank, Public Bank, RHB, HSBC, OCBC Bank, Bank of China, AmBank Group, and Citibank. So, you can have different payment method which suits and beneficial for yourself.

To sum up, QQ808 has several factors which make them become one of the most eligible Malaysia casino sites. Starting from the display then comes into the services, QQ808 never disappoints its members and always give the best service ahead.

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What Features Does a Top Live Casino Should Have?

The most frequently searched in online casino websites is the top live casino. You can go to some review websites to see the list of them. However, sometimes the result does not represent the expectation. Actually, What Features Does a Top Live Casino Should Have? For you to know on what type of casino game you must be play.

What Features Does a Top Live Casino Should Have?

  • Many Choices of Games and Tables

A top live casino should have many games that can be chosen by players. Usually they have poker, baccarat, dragon tiger and roulette as the main games. However, top live casino also provides the less favourite games such as fan tan and sic bo, so those games can be alternatives if players are bored or the tables are full.


However, a top live casino should have more than one table for each game. Since many bettors will play on it, the casino should anticipate the queue by providing more tables. This will ease bettors to choose the opponent. Bettors can observe and predict the opponents on a table. If the level is just too high for them, bettors can move to other tables with the same game.


  • Communicative and Attractive Dealer

Dealers are important persons in live casino world, since they are casino’s representatives. They should have good skill in delivering the casino games. They should understand the game well and also should be communicative with the players. Players will not be easily bored and maybe they will keep playing because the comfortable feeling.


Sometimes attractive dealers are also can be a standard to say that it is a top live casino or not. However, players should consider this well before playing. Too attractive dealers can be an opponent for your focus. So, it is better to look for the live casino with attractive dealers, at least they are good-looking, but not too much.


  • Fast-Respond Customer Service

Besides of dealers, you also can see whether the live casino is top or not from its customer service. Sometimes, you need to get information that may be it is not under dealers’ capacity and then you will be directed to ask the customer service. A top live casino usually has an online chat customer service that you can directly contact. Observe how fast the customer service answers your questions. If they are fast-respond, so it is a top live casino, since they are serve the players just like a king.


  • Fast Money Transaction

Money transaction is an important thing while playing live casino games. You will never expect delayed money transaction in your playing. It will cause you many troubles such as lose a good chance to win some big jackpots. It is also not a pleasant thing to wait your money when you want to draw them. You can go to the review websites to know how money transaction is dealt by the live casinos and you can choose the best one.

What features does a top live casino should have? You already know them all and you can go check which online casino that has those features. Then, you can make your own list about top live casino and take the advantages by playing the games in those casinos. Happy betting!


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Tips to Win in Online Baccarat While Playing in Casino App iOS

Tips to Win in Online Baccarat While Playing in Casino App iOS

Online baccarat gains its popularity since online casino provide baccarat games on their site. Some bettors assume that online baccarat are more interested than baccarat in land based casino because bettors can play in desktop device and offer interesting bonus, promotion and features. But now, online casino are available on mobile device, especially iOS. It is good to know Tips to Win in Online Baccarat While Playing in Casino App iOS and get more chances of winning.

Tips to Win in Online Baccarat While Playing in Casino App iOS

Tips to Win in Online Baccarat While Playing in Casino App iOS
Tips to Win in Online Baccarat While Playing in Casino App iOS

Play in Reputable and Legal Casino

iOS is the most popular mobile device which have price label more expensive than Android. It is not surprise if online casino is available on iOS. Even though you have advanced mobile devices, you will not gain many wins if you do not play in reputable and legal online casino.

Reputable and legal casinos always have a legal license from accredited gambling institution or government which rules the gambling activities and market. The positive side is that you have opportunity to claim against the website only if the online casino does not show the good ethical behavior.

Reputable and legal online casino always offers a great security system which will protect your activity and your personal banking information. It will help you to avoid any misused activity. Normally, reputable and legal casino does not share bettors’ information to the third party.

Another important thing is to check the terms and condition. Legal online casino always gives transparency about their bonuses and promotions on their game. It should be easily found on the menu site, in Terms and Conditions. Make sure that you read carefully the prerequisite of your bonuses and promotions before you invest your time and money on the site.

Short Session Avoids Losing Much Money

It is public secret that house edge will always follow you whereever you are in the online casino. So far, neither strategy nor system is fully successful to avoid the house edge.

It will give huge benefit if you play on short session. The main reason is that the longer you are in the game, the bigger house edge is. In example, you decide to play 20 games. After you run the 20th game, Whether you get win or loss, walk away from the table. Do not play again to pursuit the win when you get big loss. Sooner or later it will ruin your bankroll and game.

However, short session help you to evaluate your step and decision. Pay attention on the example above and compare it to the short session. You play 20 games but you take a rest in every 5 games. You can evaluate yourself and game when you take a rest. Therefore, you have much time to decide whether or not you back to the table.

Online baccarat is a viable option to gain cash whereever you play with. Hopreully the Tips to win in online baccarat while playing in casino app iOS above help you to be a sucecssful bettors with casino app iOS. OD not waste yout time to play in online baccarat.

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Rouletteqq724 Malaysia Top Live Roulette Games Online Casino Betting Site

Rouletteqq724 Malaysia Top Live Roulette Games Online Casino Betting Site

If you want to experience this kind of betting games that can satisfy your gambling experience, feel free to access and play your favorite betting games in this Rouletteqq724 Malaysia Top Live Roulette Games Online Casino Betting Site and you will experience more fun and exciting games that you really enjoy, with the help of the awesome providers that gives the best features to this website, you can literally play well.

Rouletteqq724 Malaysia Top Live Roulette Games Online Casino Betting Site

Rouletteqq724 Malaysia Top Live Roulette Games Online Casino Betting Site
Rouletteqq724 Malaysia Top Live Roulette Games Online Casino Betting Site

If you are a player that has more interested in playing top online roulette than other betting games. Rouletteqq724 is here for you to satisfy your betting experience while playing your online roulette games. It is ranked as the best provider as the best roulette online games in entire Malaysia. They have lots of awesome online roulette betting features that will truly help you to make more profit and increase your bankroll while you are playing this kind of online casino games.

The never ending experience that this Malaysia roulette betting website has is the extra special promotions and bonuses that you must get and enjoy. Like the welcome bonus that you will receive once you enter or register in this website. Plus the other extra bonuses that you really enjoy, those extra bonus that you will going to receive will help to make you more chances of winnings and have a lot of profits in your bankroll. By the time that you will become a VIP member of this website, you will be able to receive so much more bonuses unlike to the newly member such as bonuses that are given only to the VIP members of this betting website.

Most Awaited Products of the site

Feel the non-stop excitement while playing our amazing games provided by the most trusted and amazing game developers in online gaming industry. We always making sure that we meet all of your expectations and you are fully satisfied after playing exciting games in this live roulette betting site. These are the best and trusted game providers of this website:

  • GamePlay Interactive
  • Playtech
  • Gold Deluxe
  • Asia Gaming
  • Royal Online
  • Oriental Gaming
  • OPUS
  • Allbet Gaming
  • EBET

If you are betting in any online betting site, make sure that you have enough information so that you will be able to play your favorite online casino games and bet without hesitation. Playing this free roulette in this website is an exciting experience that you really enjoy, why not to try this rouletteqq724 instead of other online betting website that is not trustworthy and waste of time. This online betting website has a lot of promotions and bonuses that you may enjoy. Aside from that it is very trustworthy because it is accredited and have a legal authorization given by PAGCOR. What are you waiting for? Join and register to this online roulette Malaysia website for you to play your favorite online roulette game anytime anywhere you want.

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Best casino players

Best casino players

Best casino players – We have mostly heard stories about different people who got addicted to m88 casino games and due to this addiction they had to face a great many problems. They had to lose many things they owned and about some people, it is said they were very wealthy and they had many properties as well but when they started to get involved in the casino games they had to face a downfall immediately.

They first started to play by betting their money, a really huge amount of money. But when they lost all their money and they still could not get rid of this addiction so they continued to play casino games and then they even started to bet their properties that consisted of their house, hotels, companies etc. Due to which they had to face problems.

Best casino players

Best casino players
Best casino players

But then again there are some casino players who were really expert in this business or maybe they had really good luck. There are many people who are said to be the best online casino players in the whole wide world. They changed their lives by this; they were no longer poor by playing casino games. Following is a list of some of those people who are really expert in casino games.

Edward Thorp

Initially, Edward Thorp knew nothing about casino games. He had no idea about all of this stuff and he was not really interested in all of these things but a friend of his took his wife to a casino one day and that day proved to be a game changer for them. When he listened to the experience his wife had that she was really interested in the blackjack, he began to grow interested in casino games and went there. He closely analyzed each and every game and he calculated the probabilities and things related to the subject of mathematics and the laws that were used in these games were soon all understood by him and then he was the genius who was able to play casino games and win an insanely large amount of money and made him rich.

Richard Marcus

Richard Marcus is an expert gambler who used to cheat at about every game he played but he despite all his efforts he just could not win the casino games. He would start screaming and showing everybody that he had won even if he did not. He used to do so to draw everyone’s attention towards himself and in the meanwhile he changed the chips. He lost his house too and then soon after that he became the dealer of blackjack. He was caught while cheating and sent to prison but he came out pretty soon. It is believed that he still does cheat in casino games but he is wise enough to save himself from getting caught.

MIT blackjack team

MIT blackjack team consists of 4 to 5 people who met in high school. They worked out the statistics of the casino games and they even distributed flyers around the whole campus to get experts and all of those were trained within the campus. They are some genius gamblers as they were able to win about 400 grand a weekend and now they have become legendary gamblers as they have had about 5 million dollars profit in just a few years.

Tommy Glenn Carmichael

At the age of 30 he had started his career in casino games and actually he had started his career in cheating. He was arrested and sent to jail and soon after he started to gamble in small leveled casinos. But nowadays he makes anti-cheating machines for casinos. It is really amazing to see that a cheater has led to the solution of a huge problem.

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