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Soccer Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho are two names that will always knock your head when it comes to a debate over the world’s best football manager. These stars have two very contrasting persona’s, two unparallel football philosophies and ideologies and  had two different clubs in their baggage FC Barcelona and Real Madrid CF. These clubs were the starting point of their so very infamous football battle. The battle of the decade! Their enmity is all in its prime stage with the English Premier League.

The true competitors in every sense, these managers prove that anything is possible in war. From challenges targets to heart full acceptance, they show sportsmanship to the core. If there is anyone who can beat Sandeep Maheshwari in his motivating speech are these two players who know best how to motivate a group of individuals in their toughest times. Both the managers have around a dozen titles to their credit. The pace with which both have been working to establish a name in the game and their efforts have well worked since both these players are termed as the gods of Soccer.

Soccer Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho

Their game is well praised because of their style and their entertainment quotient. Both of them are believed to win the game in style with increasing the adrenaline rush of the spectators with all the tension they augment to the game. They hold the credit of bringing some really awesome talent to the surface. A casual football fan I bet had no idea of who Pedro Rodriguez or Sergio Busquets were. The reality is very different now with them being the soccer sensations people look up to these days. All credits go to Pep Guardiola for this; he brought some really talented footballers in the limelight.

The Argentine, the highest goal scorer, the sensation and the heartthrob Lionel Messi gives all the credit to Pep Guardiola for the level he has attained today. He in his very honest remarks states that Pep has been the sole guiding force for his success today. Jose Mourinho is no way less. With him being the first to receive the FIFA World Coach of the Year Award, he has for sure a lot of credentials to boast about. He is regarded and very highly seen as the next best after Argentine manager Helenio Herrera.

With both the managers having a Manchester to prove their worth this Premier League , they need to be on their heels because this time, it’s all about equals proving to excel. Jose Mourinho with the Manchester United and Pep Guardiola with the Manchester City, have something like a common stage to prove this time. The world will again experience the spectacle these two create with their team on the field. Let us see who comes with a shining armor, takes over the other and prove his worth to the world. Another interesting coincidence would be they being appointed by two different clubs during the same time. Maybe the world wants to see how these two people shape the league this year. The world counts on some worthy individuals and these individuals have the world counting on them.

The stadium is set. The teams are ready to play and hopefully, win. The managers shake hands. A ninety minutes tension overtakes them and they do the player mind game to see who wins. A nine-month league offering a lot more just a football game. It is about proving, to the world and to oneself, that football is a gentleman’s game. For the rising gentleman, for the excitement of the league, for the league… from the August 2016!

The Battle of the decade! Then and now!