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Soccer – Jose Mourinho can lead to growth of Manchester United, After a turbulent tenure as the manager of premier English football club, Manchester United, Louis Van Gaal bids adieu as the charismatic Jose Mourinho steps in to fill the shoes. After a prolonged dry spell in 2015, with ManU losing four games in a row, confidence in Van Gaal to steer the team to former glory started dwindling. Hope in him was soon shattered as United lost to Southampton this January and fans, the team and Van Gaal himself realized it was time for him to leave. Just then, Mourinho, the superstar of the managerial sphere, showed interest.

There were equal parts apprehension and excitement among the fans as Jose Mourinho was declared manager for Manchester United for three years, starting 27th May 2016. The mixed emotions were well-placed as Mourinho is everything that ManU worships but also gives reasons to be wary of him. Mourinho’s astute tactical approach and stellar record of having won one more Champion’s League than any English manager ever makes him a dream come true.

Soccer – Jose Mourinho can lead to growth of Manchester United

His leadership, management, and adaptability increase the chances of success for the team dramatically. His influence and untainted track record are sure to steer a number of promising players to the team’s vanguard as they would find the incentive of not only Manchester United’s magnificent name and legacy but also of playing under, arguably, the best manager in the game. Manchester also gives its manager the financial liberty to bring in virtually any player he deems fit.

Jose Mourinho is cocky and that too unabashedly. His attitude resonates perfectly with the team and its fans who believe that ‘if you are good at something, it’s perfectly okay to be cocky.’ His controversial exuberance identifies well with United’s own style and has helped fans warm up to him, even if from a distance. Mutual detestation for Liverpool only adds a cherry to the cake. Mourinho’s entry brings confidence to the dressing room as well as the stadium. The team is counting on reaping the tactical advantage and experience that he brings to redeem them from a largely unimpressive recent record.

There is heated speculation regarding team composition under the new manager. Mourinho is sure to make some substantial changes with players joining in as well as exciting. Among the most likely contenders to join the team are Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who is moving this summer. His expressed desire to continue playing under the manager after a brief spell at Inter Milan could result into his addition to the team. Another addition could be Gonzalo Higuain. Manchester needs to start stacking up on goals fast and Higuain could be just the man for the job. Real Madrid’s Raphael Varane could be another beneficial addition to backline of the team and Mourinho being a fan, could strike up a mutually beneficial deal. He is likely to look for a squad that can adapt to both 4-2-3-1 as well as 4-2-2 formations. As for the exits, Juan Mata emerges as an obvious choice for Mourinho as Mata does not do well with his rugged style. Marcos Rojo may get cut to owing to his continued disappointing performance.

Just like anywhere else, there is a dichotomy of opinions. Some fans are apprehensive of Mourinho’s leadership as he is ex-Chelsea, a prominent ManU rival. His record of leaving a club after three years and the club falling to ruins also does not do much to gain their confidence. However, when stacked against the merits Mourinho commands, these apprehensions seem to fade. Even though he has a lot up his sleeve and could tremendous results with a seasoned club like Manchester United, only time will tell what fate has in store for Jose Mourinho as the new manager.