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More about NFL defensive Concepts, Did you say that you want to know more about NFL basic defensive concepts? If so, keep on reading!

46 Defense – This type of defense is featuring four down linemen and six linebackers. Buddy Ryan, a legendary Bear defensive coordinator, who usually features more defenders as compared to the traditional defense, popularized this. Pressure is idea behind this 46 defense. It even requires certain gifted and skilled personnel at every spot. The DTs need not just plug holes but also gain access on the QB coming from the interior. The MIKE on the other hand as well as the sure tackler should be quick, as he is bound to handle anything, in which the line doesn’t. The SS will then serve as an extra linebacker that lines up next to MIKE.

More about NFL defensive Concepts

Following this 46 defense, the team usually takes risk that pressure will reach QB before it exploit the open area deep down the specific field. Often times, the blitz-heavy coaches agree of giving up the infrequent big play, provided that they win the field-possession battle.

Coverage Schemes — when talking about what play tendencies are or how a defense plays, you’ll probably discuss about coverage schemes. How to play the game is also a great factor to consider. For teams who prefer to play the man utilizing the CBs along with other zones, teams usually like to mix up looks. Good NFL players can be effective against such shells once they are having a great day. Here are some of the coverage schemes:

Cover-Zero — this is where the defensive coordinator sends number of players as much he wants at the QB and then leave the secondary to operate up every authorized receiver. “Zero” implies that no safety help is given over the tip since whichever safety that does not, the passer is still manned up on a receiver.

Cover-1: This features free safety that patrols the entire deep area of the field, playing as the only deep defender. This is less aggressive as compared to the zero blitz.

Cover 2: This might seem the most pervasive of all cover shells. There is the so-called, “Cover-2 Man,” wherein the CBs is playing the man defense on the outside receivers through the help over the top. The LBs in coverage is matching up along with the residual eligible receivers. Once run properly, Cover-2 would tend to be a frustrating defense playing against such teams being forced of settling for long drives and short gains, in which can increase the chance for a specific turnover.

Cover-3: This requires FS and two CBs who are responsible for a deep third of the field, whereas the SS would be able to creep into the box and then play as an additional LB.

Cover-4: This is usually called as prevent defense. It is where each of the four FS is to take a fourth of the specific deep area. This defense is susceptible to the underneath throws. That is why people will see it on the third-and-forever situations once a particular team has to acquire a big chunk of yards for the first down.

Matchup Zone: This defense is developed in order to create turnovers. This is where the defenders are assumed to understand the potential route combinations as well as offensive formations. In that sense, defenders tend to match up to potential routes but not strictly to certain areas of the bodies or field.

Nickel/quarter/dime/ defense: This defense subs out a LB and then replaced with the particular fifth defensive back. Usually, the team uses this type of defense against teams that frequently splits the formation wide. However, the decision is still made on a week-to-week basis.