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Leicester city wins makes English premier league more interesting!, Everyone loves an incredible story.  A good story gives you goosebumps and drives you crazy. Whether you are a football fan or not, You will definitely think that English Premier League becomes more interesting after Leicester starts winning. This is an incredible story because there has been the same way in the league. Money and history talks in the league and no one win except for Manchester United, Manchester City, and Chelsea.

Other teams don’t even come close. But, this is until this year, slowly but surely, An incredible thing happened. With just three games remaining in the season, Leicester City becomes the topmost team of the Premier League. They’ve won the hearts of many people just by reaching top in the English Premier League. It is definitely the remarkable and shocking events in the history of sports. Before coming to the point why it’s one of the interesting stories, Let’s take a look at some other things.

Leicester city wins makes English premier league more interesting!

First, I’d love to talk about this league. The Premier League is just like any other sports league you know. The only difference is there is no play off’s at the end. Every team plays with each other and the top 20 teams at the table after 38 games ,wins it all. This means a Team can win the title after that if they are good enough.

I would not doubt that Leicester city winning is already one of the unexpected events in the history of sports.

They have an eight-point advantage over Tottenham Hotspur, and it means they  just need two more points from their remaining two games to win the title but it could be all over by Monday.

Okay, Now you are wondering why it’s so insane? Anyone can win. The best way to describe this is to see that over past 20 years in Premier League, no one wins except Manchester United , Manchester City, Arsenal, and Chelsea. Only Four winners in the past two decades and only three from last twelve years. It’s common that It will take years to construct the team which can easily compete with these four winners and who can give an astonishing performance.

After considering these, It’s important to understand that Leicester  is not one of the teams who can beat these four winners. They survived so badly around a year ago but as the 2015-2016 season began, many people assumed the same thing that they don’t have ability to compete because this is common in the Premier League: A team who try to enter the championship , and can’t match the ability , then they back to the place where they were. It always happened and it was happening to Leicester And then, Surprisingly, they started to win and no one really knows how did they do it. It’s also been a weird season for everyone, last four winning teams struggling. The Leicester were always good and they started playing the right kind of football at the right time and they started winning.

For years, the Premier League has dominated by teams who have their theories to play it in a different way but Leicester has broken these with Jamie Vardy’s ability to break those theories. Basically, To describe Jamie Vardy’s playing , I would say that he just never stops running, A rapid and boundless player who broke the record for goals.

Leicester City would have been fine without him too. Because there are other pretty good players who made this team the best.Hell, everyone’s been great. Look them up!

After all this explanation, I must say that this is one of the greatest stories in the history of sport, no matter what happens next. Fighting the rival in the Champions League, Then winning the title? Well, You never know.

This league is not over yet .But, really, it looks pretty over to me.

Watch it, and enjoy it.Whether they win the title or not, Leicester City already changed the way of this sports forever.

They have changed the history of this game.Earlier, Only four teams used to win, But they have added their name to it and you never know, Any other teams can also do it as this team has done.

Leicester City has definitely changed the way of this game forever. They have done the unexpected thing and it makes the English Premier League more interesting!!