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Incredible Hockey is one of the well known games across major continents. Its popularity has continued to rise all over the globe, with the increasing number of youths taking the lead in world’s population. Hockey is a game full of avidity and immense vigour, the kind of characteristics only found in youth. This makes hockey a game deemed fit for the youth and worth going for. It’s actually so evident that the sport is nurtured right from grades and college institutions and you would seldom find it not included in the sports curriculum. Hockey is always a game to consider.

The sport is for both genders, though you would never find a male team having ladies as their opponents in a tournament. It would absolutely absurd, let alone being unfair! Hockey is, in some way, divergent, as in there are two types; the ice hockey and the turs hockey. Ice hockey is normally played in regions experiencing very cold climates. This is to facilitate the sustaining of the frozen pitch any time of the game. Ice hockey is done as an indoor event, (indoor game).

Incredible Hockey

The arena is entirely closed inclusive of the roof, the pitch is flat and completely lased with solid ice, levelled to render the pitch flat, while the sitting areas are cemented and fixed with seats, for the fans’ comfort. Players here wear stuffily but light enough to guarantee easy manoeuvring while dodging past opponents. Every player in the pitch ahs to have full dress code; uniform helmet with meshed front to protect the face, hand gloves, full jersey, shoulder and elbow guards, shin guards and stockings, boots with roller blades fit for the game, for skiing through the icy pitch and a hockey stick to hit the cork.

The cork, the object that would take the place of a ball in soccer, is round, flat on both sides and a thickness about 2.5 cm. This is hit by a hockey stick, about cm long, with one edge straight while the other end is curved, to increase the surface area on with the cork gets into contact with.

The other type of hockey is played in the open. It is normally played on turs grass, which is watered to obtain considerable wetness for easy navigation by players and reduce friction. In case a player accidentally falls either by being pushed by the opponent, or just fallen, the chances of getting severe bruises and injuries would then be minimal. This type of hockey, due to its fame, is alternatively played on various grounds like on the natural sand. As long as the pitch has standard measurements, players are good to go.

Hockey pitch has a standard dimension of 100 yards by 60 yards and is conventionally divided into three, from one length to the other. From one end, the first zone is the defensive area, followed by the midfield area then lastly, the striking area. The defensive area has the defenders who are four, in the basic player position. The goal keeper is at the goal post. The first defender is right in front of him- about 5m apart- with the other, being right ahead of the first. The other two defenders are on either sides of the defensive zone precisely to attack the opponents who would opt to strike through the margins. The midfield has four mid fielders positioned right, middle and left, for coordination in passing the cork. The striking area is the zone closest to the opponents’ goal post. From the subject team, it has two strikers on either ends. The strikers have to encounter the full force of the opponents’ defence before they can score. The cork here is spherical and about 5cm in diameter. Hockey sticks are 1m in length as well but players don’t have to wear helmets. The ideal boots here are bolted or deeply ridged on the bottom sole to enhance stability when playing.