Best casino players

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Best casino players – We have mostly heard stories about different people who got addicted to m88 casino games and due to this addiction they had to face a great many problems. They had to lose many things they owned and about some people, it is said they were very wealthy and they had many properties as well but when they started to get involved in the casino games they had to face a downfall immediately.

They first started to play by betting their money, a really huge amount of money. But when they lost all their money and they still could not get rid of this addiction so they continued to play casino games and then they even started to bet their properties that consisted of their house, hotels, companies etc. Due to which they had to face problems.

Best casino players

Best casino players
Best casino players

But then again there are some casino players who were really expert in this business or maybe they had really good luck. There are many people who are said to be the best online casino players in the whole wide world. They changed their lives by this; they were no longer poor by playing casino games. Following is a list of some of those people who are really expert in casino games.

Edward Thorp

Initially, Edward Thorp knew nothing about casino games. He had no idea about all of this stuff and he was not really interested in all of these things but a friend of his took his wife to a casino one day and that day proved to be a game changer for them. When he listened to the experience his wife had that she was really interested in the blackjack, he began to grow interested in casino games and went there. He closely analyzed each and every game and he calculated the probabilities and things related to the subject of mathematics and the laws that were used in these games were soon all understood by him and then he was the genius who was able to play casino games and win an insanely large amount of money and made him rich.

Richard Marcus

Richard Marcus is an expert gambler who used to cheat at about every game he played but he despite all his efforts he just could not win the casino games. He would start screaming and showing everybody that he had won even if he did not. He used to do so to draw everyone’s attention towards himself and in the meanwhile he changed the chips. He lost his house too and then soon after that he became the dealer of blackjack. He was caught while cheating and sent to prison but he came out pretty soon. It is believed that he still does cheat in casino games but he is wise enough to save himself from getting caught.

MIT blackjack team

MIT blackjack team consists of 4 to 5 people who met in high school. They worked out the statistics of the casino games and they even distributed flyers around the whole campus to get experts and all of those were trained within the campus. They are some genius gamblers as they were able to win about 400 grand a weekend and now they have become legendary gamblers as they have had about 5 million dollars profit in just a few years.

Tommy Glenn Carmichael

At the age of 30 he had started his career in casino games and actually he had started his career in cheating. He was arrested and sent to jail and soon after he started to gamble in small leveled casinos. But nowadays he makes anti-cheating machines for casinos. It is really amazing to see that a cheater has led to the solution of a huge problem.